“If I am no longer doing what I’ve been doing, who am I?”

Trae Ashlie-Garen
5 min readDec 21, 2017

In honour of the equal balance of light and dark in all of us this Winter Solstice… Reflections on the many cries witnessed in 2017; and on the path to finding personal “Agility” in disruptive times.

PREAMBLE : It’s time. Time for us to re-think our priorities at every level of our organization on this planet, and set the stage for a super-global infrastructure for humanity to convene AS community. It’s time for a unified philosophy and an ecology composed of common denominators across the human-centred designs and narratives that are already so powerfully leading us forward on that path of evolution. It’s time for us to empower and champion that cause… Because the future we are living into here on this planet… demands nothing less of us.

Please accept these writings on Medium therefore, as an offering to join in that honoured chorus. Thank-you.

“Fire in the Belly” — Trae Ashlie-Garen, North Queensland Australia — 2008

Who are we?

So many of us ARE, our work.
But what happens when the work we knew…
The work that maintained
something of a standard;
The work that gave us context;
Lacks the “luster” it once held?

Or more startlingly,
is no longer viable OR… present?

Industrialization created
a social contract called Employment.
A matrix all about production,
consumption and ownership.

— And all of it — yes, all of it
is disintegrating.

Or maybe that’s a bit too dramatic.
Maybe instead, I could say
it’s transitioning and…

The average job tenure
is now 3–5 years.
The average number of career changes
is 5–7 in a lifetime.

It seems
we’re consistently being called
to reinvent ourselves, to adapt.

Trae Ashlie-Garen

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